Our story

Sled dogs have been a hobby and a way of life already for a long time.

Raine got his first sled dog already in 2000. For both of us, sled dogs have been a hobby and a way of life already for a long time. In the beginning, Raine competed with Siberian huskies first on sprint distances and after that on mid distances. Eventually we started looking for more challenges in our hobby, so now we are competing on long distances. We have achieved success in many competitions along the years, including the gold medal in the World Championship race in 2011 and several Finnish Championship medals on different distances.

Karoliina got her first sled dog in 1998, a Siberian husky called Jami. That is where her hobby with sled dogs started. Karoliina also has plenty of experience in sled dog competitions, and she has also driven several long-distance races with our dogs.

In winter 2019, our team achieved a long time dream. We were able to finish Finnmarksløpet, which is Europe’s longest and the world’s northernmost sled dog race. It was a 569 km long race with 8 dogs through the Finnmark area in northern Norway. It took 3 days, 4 hours and 14 minutes.

We have done sled dog safaris as subcontractors for four winters, and Karoliina has worked as a sled dog guide in Lapland.

We have raised our sled dogs together since 2005, and it is important for us that we both are 100 % involved with our dogs.

The well-being of our sled dogs and their own willingness to work have always been very important to us when working with them. We also want to show our customers that we care for our dogs and pay attention to their well-being. A well-trained and well-tended sled dog is also a delight for the customers!