Welcome to the Maglelin Experience!

We offer our guests unique and memorable husky safaris in the beautiful Finnish Lapland. We provide a high-quality and personal experience of the world of sled dogs. To enhance the experience for our customers group sizes are kept small.

Maglelin Experience is the home of a pack of Alaskan huskies and two humans. We are located 25 km north from Levi, in Western Lapland near the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park and Lake Pallasjärvi. We live together with our dogs in the middle of the most beautiful nature of Lapland.

For us, sled dogs have always been close to our heart and working with them has become a way of life. We cherish and value our dogs highly and caring for them is a priority. We also participate in sled dog races every winter.

So, let’s enjoy the magical nature of Lapland together: Hear the whooshing sound of the sled runners on snow and feel the eager running of the dogs… Let’s go!

– Raine & Karoliina

Half day husky safari

   220 €/person shared sled, single driver 280 €/person

   3,5 – 4 hours (including transportation)

   ~20 km

In this program, you will ride a sled of 4-6 dogs and experience the daily activities of a husky kennel. After the sled ride, we will sit down by an open fire in a Lapp hut to enjoy a warm drink and snacks. An experienced guide will tell you interesting information about sled dogs and what is included in the maintentance of a pack of sled dogs, what kind of training the dogs require, etc.

Full day husky safari

   350 €/person

   6 – 7 hours (including transportation)

   ~35-40 km

In the full day program, everyone has their own sled of 3-4 dogs. In this program, we will get a full experience of the winter landscape on the Lapland fells and the life on a husky kennel. Along our route we will find beautiful views over the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. After the husky ride, it is time to enjoy a delicious lunch in a Lapp hut by an open fire.

Family husky safari

   160 €/adult,  100 €/child

   ~3 hours (including transportation)

   ~10 km

The family program is designed for families with children. The adults will drive a sled of 4-6 dogs and the children may enjoy the ride as passengers. After the ride, it is time to enjoy a hot drink in a Lapp hut by an open fire. An experienced guide will tell you interesting information about life on a husky kennel. You will also get to meet the dogs more closely after the husky safari.

Private husky experience

All of our programs can be customized by the needs of customers. For example, if you want a private program or you have other wishes about the safari, do not hesitate to take contact at info [at] maglelin.fi